The Saint Twins offer a truly unique entertainment experience unlike anything else you've ever seen before. In their 30-75 minute TSP: Twin Sensory Perception show, the Saint Twins interact with and involve many random members of their audience in mesmerizing and high energy demonstrations of twin mind to mind telepathy, thought projection, thought reading, persuasion and hypnosis that leave people in utter amazement! The Saint Twins are becoming favorites with Event and Meeting Planners at Corporate and Association events, as well as College Activity Directors at Colleges and Universities for their clean, fun and thought provoking performances.

Whether you need entertainment for your Corporate, College or Special/Private event, the Saint Twins offer the right mix of audience participation, thought reading, comedy and amazement that is sure to make your event into an unforgettable and memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Call the Saint Twins today and witness one of the most unique and astonishing acts you'll ever see!

Audience leaves with a sense of wonder!
- The Sacramento Bee

Keen insight into human nature...mind bending brothers can get inside your head.
- The Orange County Register

The two mysterious and delightfully entertaining twin brothers... the Saint Twins are truly the next big thing... their names in big lights in Vegas not too far in the future!
- OCPC Magazine

Wow, amazing! You accomplished everything I wanted!
- Pasadena Tournament of Roses

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